Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cinnamoroll pix

Cinnamoroll is yet another Sanrio character! This little puppy is snow white and loves cinnamon rolls.
One day while the owner of Cafe' Cinnamon was outside, Cinnamoroll floated by. It was on this day when the owner of the cafe and the tiny pup met.
The owner decided to name the pup Cinnamoroll because of Cinn's love for the owner's pastries and his tail that actually curls like a cinnamon roll.
Cinnamoroll became Cafe' Cinnamon's official mascot. When he isn't napping on the cafe's terrace, you can fine Cinn floating around town looking for adventures.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This IIS bunnith

(='.'=)(")_(") achieve WORLD DOMINATION!

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1.) Gabby
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See?? Anime BffS cann happen too!!

Hannah & Mina/Kristin FOREVER!
No one will never replace you, Mina and Kristin!!
<3 ;D

BFF Quote I made up!!

Peanut butter has jelly,
Stars have the sky,
SpongeBob has Patrick,
Milk has cookies,
Monkeys have bananas,
Left has right,
Han Solo has Chewbaca,
Fork has spoon,
Carnivore has Herbevore,
Selena has Demi,
My teacher has her friend Mandy,
Charlie Brown has Snoopy,
Batman has Robin,
Unicorns have Pegasuses,
and I have YOU!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Best quote in the history of the world


Like my best friends Kristin and Mina!

There is nothing you can do that can make you less than my best friend. :)

You guys are awesome!!