Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My pussy scab

Today i was at school running super fast downhill to say hi to my dad. i felt something move beneith me. I tripped and tumbled over. My best friend Mina was with me when i was charging to my dad.

My dad came to me and asked what i did. No tears: there i lay, laughing on the ground... My dad sat me down on the bench, my scab gushing blood, a few cuts on my ankles, and some on my hands and a dirty scabby scab on my elbow!! ~.~ One of my other friends, Amy came running toward us to see what was wrong. My two other friends, Madison and JOdie came running toward us as well. My dad asked me to clean up in the bathroom. Everybody asked what's wrong and i retold the story. My dad gave me seven bandaids for one leg, with one skid mark and a huge gushing blood scab. He said i won the award for most bandaids of the day.

When i got home i let it breeth and then it started leaking puss. =[

On Fri. I put 4 gauz on my leg...

Me again ben made 4 me again like the others but not that short

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weird things about ME ~.~


1.) i wore 1 checkered VANS shoe and a turquoise and white VANS shoe one time when i 9yrs

2.) i drank soup throo a strraw

3.) i burst out laughing for no reason

4.) i screamed to the Kentucky basketball team on T.V to loose

5.) i laughed superly hard when my bro ben sneezed 7 times in a row without stopping

6.) i wore this jacket that can zip all the way up to the top of my head

7.) i had a sleepover with my friend kristin in 2nd grade and we slept in the same bed: bunk bed and then came a loud THUMP!! guess who it was: ME!! D: SHE PUSHED ME OFF THE BED!! ~:)

8.) i wanted to be nice, so i made my dad some chow mien from niSSin and i didnt put the water in the bowl, i just put the packets in the bowl TMi!! so then i put the stuff in the microwave without any water and after 2 minutes: it burned and it melted a hole right in the middle of the bowl and filled the kitchen with an awful smell!! it was orange and brown smoke! ::::::*****^(

Hey! Just posted some new Cinnamoroll pix!! ENJOY

Thursday, May 6, 2010