Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super awesome cute AMIGURUMI

If you dont know what AMIGURUMI is, well, be my guest! ;] It is a type of crochet thing, but you make little things. Like the pictuers below!

You know the mushroom house one? Welcome to ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!! >.<


Saturday, June 26, 2010

cool emotions i made up

_/\_\o/_ a shark attack

_/\_*\o/*_ a shark attacking a cheerleader

('} <3 {') kissing +_+

:]~~~~* a frog catching a fly

~(8(|) Homer Simpson

~)))'> an armadillo or opposum

..._(:)-o scuba diver

@(*0*)@ Princess Leia or a koala bear

})i({ butterfly

(:::::[]:::::) a band aid or a wrestling belt

>:[~ a vampire

=8-O a person who just saw a vampire

(=^;^=) a cat

(=^@;@^=) a cat that saw a vampire

3:(:)) a cow

<|:~, a nasty withch

'~~)_)~~' a roll of toilet paper

:-(E a very sloppy eater

:@) :8) a piggy piggybackriding on another piggy

qo{-<]: kid on a skateboard

% :-(|) Girl with a trout pout

><((((o*> A fish

(:-P~)~ sticking out your tung and drooling

};^)' Li'l Devil

<::::::::|==0 a sword

(_(_) a butt

Weird Zoozimp characterr\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ HIYA-HIYA!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010